Top 5 Grossing Android Apps Review!

Hello everyone, Today I am going to discuss top grossing apps that are available on Google play app store. As you know that Android apps are used most of the times as compared to ios. They have the wide range of users all around the globe. We have our top 5 list of Android apps that you may find better for you as well. So, the list is here:

1. Whatsapp: This is one of the most used apps for Android. Especially in Asian countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Albania, United Arab Emirates and many others. Whatsapp is commonly known as a Voice and Texting app which is freely available on the play store. Users can download it instantly to have a free WhatsApp account. The user is required to register his own number in order to chat with the other person.


2. Snapchat: Another social app which is Snapchat. It is freely available first of all. You can directly click photos and upload on snap chat. You can add friends, see their status updates and do many other exciting things. There are lots of emoticons available which are funny and exciting.


3. Skype: Skype is video calling app which is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It is widely popular in Europian Countries especially in United states and the United Kingdom. This app has really made everything possible for a video calling user. You can easily grab this app on any platform you want to install.


4. Tinder: Tinder is a pretty famous app which is also known as love finder. You can create an account with or without facebook. The best use of this app is that it can find a match for you in minutes. Yes, you just need to upload your photos and start swiping Boy/Girl. If someone on another side also swipes right then it will be a match. After this, you both can start chatting with each other.


5. Spotify: Spotify is a music app. If you are music lover then you must install this app for sure. You can find all latest songs here and listen on the go. There is a premium membership which requires you to pay a small amount of fee but it gives you access to unlimited songs released till the date.


So, this was the top 5 list of Grossing apps on Google play store. There are links given as well from which you can download these apps for free of cost. Don’t forget to say thanks and bye for now!